The Page and Pixel

Adventures in Art and Essay


The Purpose

The purpose of this blog is, simply stated, to burden the world with my uninvited and, possibly, unneeded opinion on everything from theatre to technology to theology. This site is dedicated to the written word and the images that serve to enliven it. While dedicated to the written word, it is only dedicated to it so far as the fuel of logic and reasoning can carry it. I do not intend to pour out gallons of fluff and blast white noise, but to present sound arguments on diverse and occasionally controversial matters in such a way as to convince readers of their truth, though I will count it a success if I merely convince them that there is truth. Sometimes, oftentimes perhaps, I may succeed only in stirring up controversy, but maybe that is a worthy enough goal in this age of bewildering conformity.

The Name and Logo

The name of this blog, The Page and Pixel, encapsulates the twin designs of this venture, which is to celebrate and engage the written word and the visual arts. It is intentionally arranged, on the one hand, to remind of an old pub wherein all classes and minds might join together in genial camaraderie and vigorous debate, and, on the other, of a grand old wooden sailboat lying at dock as the goods and ideas of the world pass from and to her.

The logo, a cross-bones of pencil and paintbrush over the red field of an open book, reflects this same notion. In its allusion to a pirate flag, however, it speaks to the sense of adventure and even controversy to be tried herein. Like the open sea, a white page is a blank canvas upon which the writer or artist sails his ship of imagination. The color red calls out the boldness that must be dared, even to the point of blood, where the white cross points back to the cross of Christ’s, from which His blood washed me clean. Also, in the sense that X marks the spot, the cross-bones of pencil and paintbrush reflects the hope that this site may become to many a destination for clarity and understanding, that they would here find, as it were, buried treasure.

The Legalities

While in my own person I am affiliated with many other persons and organizations, this site and its opinions are not. Rather, these are all the etchings of my own mind, except where they are of someone else’s, and hopefully, I have remembered to cite those instances. This is not to say that these ideas are all original to me. In fact, I should hope they’re not. An original idea, after all, is quite too singular to be universal. An original thought should likely best remain locked in the mind of he who thought it, as it is quite unlikely to bear relevance to anyone else besides. The Wright Brothers did not invent the idea of manned flight, only the machine to accomplish it, which is why the great mass of men followed their footsteps into the sky. I hope you will follow these words toward the same.